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Technology used

Below is some of the technology we use.

AkoiWeb Design Company strives to stay current with technological changes.

The right software for your business needs

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PHP is a general-purpose scripting language for building web applications. Almost every blog is run using WordPress, which is built with PHP.
PHP can be used for dynamic websites, blogs, social networks, and e-commerce stores used for online retail business. Joomla runs on php.


HTML (HyperText Markup Language) forms the structural layer of web pages. When you look at any web page, it's made out of different HTML tags. Treehouse teaches you the latest HTML specification using industry-standard techniques.


WordPress is mostly known for its blogging capabilities, but it's also a powerful content management system built with PHP. Many of the most popular sites on the web run on WordPress. You can customize the look of your WordPress site with themes and extend functionality with plugins.